New to Chess

The Q & A below is for players new to chess tournaments:

Do you offer casual play?

At this time we do not have casual games at the club; we only host tournaments that are rated by the US Chess Federation. However, many of our participants are beginners with limited or no tournament experience, so we encourage players of all levels to join our events.

Do you offer chess classes?

We do not offer chess classes at this time.

Do you have scholastic events just for kids?

All of our tournaments are open events for all ages. Most of the participants are adults, but we also have kids who play  in our events on a regular basis. We do not offer scholastic events just for kids.

What are the requirements for playing in a LICC tournament?

The only requirement is membership in the US Chess Federation (USCF) since we are an affiliate of that organization and our events are rated as such. You can join at You will then have to pay an entry fee at the club for each event.

How do I register for an event?

Registration takes place at the club between 6:45 - 7: 15 PM. Games begin at 7:30 PM. We do not have advance or online registration. You may enter the tournament during any round and you will be given byes for missed rounds. So yes, you may enter the tournament after round 1 - many players do!

Is LICC membership also required?

No. While USCF membership is a must, our yearly club membership is optional. Club membership entitles you to a discounted entry fee for our events and is recommended if you plan on playing at the club regularly. In that case, the math is such that you will get your membership fee back with interest. Club memberships may be purchased at the club ($50/year, $40/year for seniors 65 and over and K-12 students).

Do I need to buy my own chess equipment?

As with most clubs, we do not provide any chess equipment (boards, pieces, clocks, pen/pencil) except scoresheets. However, if you're new to tournaments, it is suggested that you use your opponent's equipment until you've made the decision to commit regularly, at which time you should purchase your own equipment.

How do I get a rating?

By playing in any of our tournaments (or any USCF rated event) you will earn a USCF rating. Don't be confused by large swings in your rating at first; that's normal as it calibrates.

If I lose a game, am I eliminated from the tournament?

No. You will have a game for every round regardless of your results. However, if we have an odd number of players, the lowest-rated player in the lowest score group would be given a full-point bye and will not have a game that round.

What if I need to miss a round and I can't commit to every game?

Not a problem. You would take what's called a "bye," which is chess-speak for having to miss a round. In that case, you're given a 1/2 point so you're not punished too severely for not being able to play. Most events have a maximum number of byes allowed. MAKE SURE YOU INFORM THE DIRECTOR IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT!

What if I forget and I'm a "no show?"

Per LICC and USCF rules, you would be fined $10 with stiffer penalties for repeat offences. Failure to appear without informing the director is unsportsmanlike, deprives a player of a game, and wreaks havoc on the tournament's integrity.

For more info about the LICC, see the links above, or e-mail [email protected] We hope to see you at the club!